2020 Year of the Rat Predictions

Feng Shui Flying Stars 2020

The year of the YANG METAL RAT begins on 4th February 2020. Chinese New Year will be celebrated on 25th January but in line with the solar calendar you make your Feng Shui changes on February 4th.

Each year the earth energies change bringing good and bad influences in the form of Flying Stars and which can be strengthened or weakened using Feng Shui (colours, symbols, objects).

2019 was a challenging year for most of us financially as the #8 WEALTH star was trapped in the CENTRE of the house/business. This year 2020 the #2 Star (ILLNESS) is the major concern as the Three Killing are located in the SOUTH which is also affected by the influence of the Grand Duke in the North.

Left uncorrected it could have a major impact on health, wealth and relationships, particularly if your main door, bedroom or office is located in the SOUTH. (My sources are very vocal about problems relating to food, stomachs and digestion issues.)

Another big concern is the entrapment of the #7 Robbery star in the CENTRE which has the potential to create burglary and theft threats including malicious gossip and deception during 2020. Really important to check documents, property security etc.

2020 is the start of a new decade plus the new start of the cycle of the 12 Chinese animals. Consequently it will be a year of great change plus the potential of significant unrest throughout the world.

It is possible to re-use some of last years cures again this Year BUT you must discard the 6 I Ching coins, salt cures and Bagwa mirror used in 2019 as these will have retained a lot of negative energy from the work they needed to do in 2019.

In the summary of cures for 2020, I refer to specific types of colours, here’s a summary:

  • FIRE colours - red, purple, pink
  • WATER colours - blue, black, greys, charcoal
  • EARTH colours - yellow, orange, ochre
  • METAL colours - silver, gold, copper, white
  • WOOD colours - green, brown

2020 Flying Stars Grid

8. North West - Wealth

Avoid: metals and metal & fire colours.

Place: Quartz crystals, Rose Quartz hearts, Mandarin Ducks, 3 legged Toad, money tree, Tsai Shen.

3. North - Arguments

Increase: fire symbols & colours

Avoid: metals & metal colours, metal chimes. No water features in this area.

Place: elephants, Bagwa mirror if front door here.

1. North East - Luck

Increase: Metals and metal & water colours

Avoid: Fire colours & symbols

Place: Bagwa mirror if poison arrows, if bedroom place Wu Lu. Display 3 legged Toad, ingots & other wealth attractors

9. West - Future Prosperity

Increase: Wood colours, leafy green plants

Place: Quan Yin, Dragon headed Turtle, 5 Element Pagoda, Wu Lu, Eight coins tied, Money tree & other wealth attractors

7. Centre - Robbery

Increase: Water symbols & colours

Avoid: Earth & Fire colours. No crystals, no metal chimes.

Place: blue Rhino & Elephant, Laughing Buddha holding ingot. Check fire/smoke alarms.

5. East - Misfortune

Increase: Metal objects & colours

Avoid: Fire objects & colours, candles, bright lights

Place: 3 Stargods,5 Element Pagoda, gold Laughing Buddha, 6 coins w/red ribbon, 6 rod metal chime, metal coloured dragon, Tsai Shen, Salt Cure, Wu Lu if bedroom.

4. South West - Relationships

Increase: Water colours & symbols

Avoid: Fire and Metal symbols & colours.

Place: Mandarin Ducks, Couples, Dragon & Phoenix, double Arrowana fish, Quan Yin & other relationship symbols. No wind chimes,place crystal globe here if your office

2. South - Illness

Increase: Metals & metal colours, MUST!

Avoid: Fire colours & symbols, bright lights.

Place: Pi Yao facing the NORTH. Display Wu Lu if your bedroom, Tsai Shen, Gold 3 legged Toad, salt cure,6 coins w/red ribbon, Medicine Buddha, Laughing Buddha w/money sack.

6. South East - Career

Increase: Water colours & symbols

Avoid: Fire symbols, objects, Reds.

Place: crystals, faceted suncatchers, gemtrees. Hang 6 rod metal chime, Display Ruyi, elephants


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