2020 Year of the Rat Predictions

2020 Flying Stars Grid

8. North West - Wealth

Avoid: metals and metal & fire colours.

Place: Quartz crystals, Rose Quartz hearts, Mandarin Ducks, 3 legged Toad, money tree, Tsai Shen.

3. North - Arguments

Increase: fire symbols & colours

Avoid: metals & metal colours, metal chimes. No water features in this area.

Place: elephants, Bagwa mirror if front door here.

1. North East - Luck

Increase: Metals and metal & water colours

Avoid: Fire colours & symbols

Place: Bagwa mirror if poison arrows, if bedroom place Wu Lu. Display 3 legged Toad, ingots & other wealth attractors

9. West - Future Prosperity

Increase: Wood colours, leafy green plants

Place: Quan Yin, Dragon headed Turtle, 5 Element Pagoda, Wu Lu, Eight coins tied, Money tree & other wealth attractors

7. Centre - Robbery

Increase: Water symbols & colours

Avoid: Earth & Fire colours. No crystals, no metal chimes.

Place: blue Rhino & Elephant, Laughing Buddha holding ingot. Check fire/smoke alarms.

5. East - Misfortune

Increase: Metal objects & colours

Avoid: Fire objects & colours, candles, bright lights

Place: 3 Stargods,5 Element Pagoda, gold Laughing Buddha, 6 coins w/red ribbon, 6 rod metal chime, metal coloured dragon, Tsai Shen, Salt Cure, Wu Lu if bedroom.

4. South West - Relationships

Increase: Water colours & symbols

Avoid: Fire and Metal symbols & colours.

Place: Mandarin Ducks, Couples, Dragon & Phoenix, double Arrowana fish, Quan Yin & other relationship symbols. No wind chimes,place crystal globe here if your office

2. South - Illness

Increase: Metals & metal colours, MUST!

Avoid: Fire colours & symbols, bright lights.

Place: Pi Yao facing the NORTH. Display Wu Lu if your bedroom, Tsai Shen, Gold 3 legged Toad, salt cure,6 coins w/red ribbon, Medicine Buddha, Laughing Buddha w/money sack.

6. South East - Career

Increase: Water colours & symbols

Avoid: Fire symbols, objects, Reds.

Place: crystals, faceted suncatchers, gemtrees. Hang 6 rod metal chime, Display Ruyi, elephants


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